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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for, owned by the company Hildijk in The Netherlands

1) Privacy Warranty

Warrant the privacy of visitors of is important to us. Therefor we describe which data is collected and how we use this information in this document.

2) Consent

By using the information and services on and the subdomains, you agree to our privacy policy and terms.

3) Questions

If you require more info, or want to know which data we have in our database, you can email us at webmaster [at]

4) Monitor visitors behavior is using several techniques to track visitors. Unless logged into an account anonymous cookies are placed during your visit. We do not know who you are unless you have informed us so by a purchase, subscription or any action where you have left your information in a form or page. Information we gather consists of IP-address, type browser, pages visited, viewed video’s. We also monitor where visitors come from when they visit the website for the first time ánd where they leave the site, if they are a recurring visitor. This helps us to improve the quality of the content and the experience of visitors on our site. Cookies for analytics purposes are legal and therefor can’t be changed through your personal settings.

6) Cookie settings

You can choose to optout from cookies for all websites. Your brower offers you options for this. Please find the instructions in the help section of your specific browser.

7) Third party cookies
We know that on this website third party cookies are active, because we use third parties like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Kartra. However, we can’t control their cookies. And by not accepting those cookie3s specific functions on the website might be disabled. Like watching a YouTube video or social media messaging.

8) Our advertisers and affiliates can use advertising on it’s website and it allows affiliate partners to promote our products and services. Advertisements and affiliate links are used by a technology that recognizes behavior through the browser. Like an Ip-address. These information can be owned by the parties who offer the technology.

Cookies, javascript and webbeacons might be used to monitor the effect of advertisements.

For more information about the privacy poly of our advertisers and third parties we have to refer you to their term. We are not responsible nor can we control every cookie used on this website. .

9) Facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel enables us to track visitors via Facebook and to show them ads based on their website behavior.

Through the cookie settings you are able to decline this pixel (cookie) by not allowing third pary cookies.

10) DART-cookie Google

If advertisements are used on our website, the use of the DART-cookie by Google, makes it possible that advertisements are shown on our website as well as on complete different websites you are visiting. If you want to control the ads shown to you, please change your settings for ads through this website.

11) GDPR compliant

If you are a client of BlizBiz and you want to see which data we have of you in our database, please send your request to: webmaster [at] We will inform you within a week after your request. Only data necessary by law we can not delete. Every other data you can request to be removed.

Data we gather is: Name, address, country, birthday, taxnumber, purchases, telephone number, email address, behavior in mailings, behavior on webpages.

We promise we will not ever sell data. We only use it to make sure you get the best website experience and offers based on your behavior. Because privacy is important to us as well.