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About me
You might know me as adaughtersisterwifeneighbormotherco-workerautomation geekbusiness ownerloud laughing 😉

I was born (1970) and raised in The Netherlands, I  have two loving parents and two younger brothers. I liked going to school, and I loved performing, singing as an angel in a Christmas musical, dancing, karaoke. I had a few friends and was feeling content with my life. And when I had to make a choice in school, which direction, I knew immediately. I wanted to travel. So I choose tourism (4 languages (Dutch, English, German, French, economics and math).

In 1985 my father got his first Commodore64 computer. And I loved programming things on it, even if I didn’t understand it all, I was very intrigued. Thanks to a quick typing game, I learned how to type blind. And that skill has been very helpful since! And the love for computers and software stayed 😃.

So I started working when I was 19, and therefore I already have almost 30 years of experience! I did all kind of jobs, but I got bored very easily.

One of my desires was working abroad in different cultures, so I felt very fortunate to start working for a German company in 1992, stationed in Tunisia. I loved it. And I discovered that my honesty turned me into one of the highest selling guides of the team there. A confidence boost again. I did this work 2 years, also lived in Tenerife, Corfu and last Crete. When I came back in 1994 I did a Marketing Management Course, because I wanted to know more about selling and marketing.

In 1996 I met Leo. And even though I only saw him for only 10 minutes or so, I knew I was going to marry him. We did, exactly 2 years later. So, if you or doubting, love at first sight really exists ❤️ .

In 2000 we received our first daughter Larissa. 2,5 years later our second daughter came: Yanaica. And even though I had always said I wanted two or four children, after six months or so I felt that there was another child waiting. Got pregnant immediately and then our son Gerlof was born.

In 2000, right after our first daughter was born, my husband Leo was in so much pain, he could not do anything. The regular doctors couldn’t find anything. And so they said:

It’s between your ears, there is nothing wrong with you”.

Great thing to hear, when the pain is real! And because of their ‘verdict’ he lost his income, and I become the sole provider, working fulltime, taking care of our daughter, my husband, the household… everything.

We had decided to wait to make our final decision about vaccinations when she was 1 year. So by then we turned to a naturopath, to see what options we had. We got our options (and we choose to not vaccinate – even though I knew nobody in my environment who had not followed the standard path) AND we got clarity around my husband’s pain. She asked him 3 questions. And then she knew! She helped him, we changed our diets and only cooked with fresh ingredients and herbs. And within 6 months he was back to 90% of his old self. That was amazing!! We were over the moon. And I must say, that from that time, I turned my back to regular medicine and became a fan of natural remedies and healing. At that time there were far more people looking for jobs than there were jobs, he was not able to find a job. So I kept working full time and providing for our growing family.

After losing my job after having a horrific lawsuit in 2003, I felt terrible. I could not look into our banking account anymore. Money had become a need, and I felt awful about it. And just when we were about to lose everything, I managed to find a new job in November 2005. At a publishing house in the city where we lived then. I did not even know there was a publishing house. They published spiritual and philosophical books. Really a gift from the universe. Through the books, the conversations with the authors I learned so many new things. Even The Secret was published within the publishing group where we belonged too. So I read  it, saw the movie, saw “What the bleap do we know”… But did not understand fully, felt I missed something in that message.

In the summer of 2013 I read WheatBelly and decided that I and my husband and children were going to eat differently. But it was hard to find recipes in Dutch, with our measurements instead of cups. So even though I have baked my whole life, I had never come up with recipes of my own. But now, having to use totally different ingredients, I was experimenting and most of it was delicious. So I started my own blog, created my first website ever. And soon I had a nice active Facebook group. For 1,5 year where ever we went, I took everything with me. Cream, lunch, dinner, snacks even coffee and tea. A lot of work. Working fulltime, creating new recipes, putting them on the website, being active on Facebook and Pinterest. And making EVERYTHING from scratch. At first I lost a lot of weight. But after a year of losing practically nothing and reading new books I got a new prospective about the relationship with food and my body. So in 2016 I really said goodbye to my blog. I felt the journey I was on, did not fit in that blog. And I did not want to be visible, as long as I had not reached my goal.

I wasn’t totally happy. What could I do? The vision of doing my job until retirement wasn’t an appealing one. But I had no clue how to change my situation.

On January 1st, 2016 I made a promise to myself that I would stop complaining. Not focusing on what went wrong, but accepting how things were, and start focusing on the good stuff. I soon discovered that my relationship with my boss improved and she let me do this amazing personal transformational course. Later that year, I jumped into a plane (it had been 14 years since I had been on a plane) with 3 women I had only met the day before. Looking for a business opportunity. And although that didn’t work out, I realized how I had missed, flying, different cultures, doing stuff on my own. And I really felt inside that I owed all this to changing my perspective. It felt good.

In 2017 I watched a lot of webinars on how to work smarter, how to start your own business, having more income. Not getting paid by the hour, because then there is a ceiling. I had no clue what my business could be about. At least I now knew how I should build the business. At the beginning of 2018 a co-worker emailed me after one of our monthly sessions. She was raving about my help and expertise. And how she always enjoyed those session and got so much inspiration. Then it hit me! I knew!

The last 7 years at the publishing group  I had turned myself into an expert on email marketing, marketing automation, CRM and databases. I have helped all the different publishing houses to connect with their audiences by email and did that successfully! So, if I could help them improve I can help other companies. That is how my company Hildijk first started in 2018. For the Dutch Market. After joining the Tribe Program of Sage Lavine in October 2018, I decided to take my longing for working international serious, and that is how Bliz Biz was born. After visiting the Women Rocking Business Live Event in March 2019 my mission became clear. I felt good within the feminine leadership. I felt so connected with everyone. And I had decided that helping healers is my main focus. With my help, their business can grow. And their patients will be the advocates for natural and energy healing. And that is how I can contribute to my mission to let natural and energy healing become the normal way of healing!

I help healers all over the world, who are having trouble finding new clients, setting up free gifts and how software works, to set up and maintain a solid online foundation for their business, so they can help more people in less time while having enough time and money to do the things they love, with the ones they love.

And I am loving every minute of it!!

PS I have all kinds of stories on how I saw the Law of Attraction in action in my own life, although most of the times I had no idea at that time. Now I recognize those amazing moments, those ‘miracles’! And I enjoy every day, more and more.


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