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Hilleen Dijkstra

The Technology Goddess
My name is Hilleen Dijkstra and my mission is to grow natural and energy medicine as quickly as possible and to let that become the ‘normal’ way of healing. Yes, I love to dream big.

For long I had no idea how I could contribute to that beautiful goal. Although I love to learn energy healing, I’m not a healer (yet). So what could my impact be?

And then in 2018 it hit me suddenly. My gift is being good in ‘the technical stuff’. Software, social media, websites, html. That is why I now help healers all around the world to set up a solid online foundation of their business, so they can help more clients in less time, while having enough time and money to do the things they love, with the ones they love!

I offer a whole approach to scaling your business. I can teach you how to do things AND I offer a Done For You program. Curious to discover what business flow you would benefit most from of setting up? Schedule a FREE Flow Session and find out.  You will leave the call with the strategy to set the first one up and how to move from there.


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It’s like riding a bike: Once you know how to do it, you can always scale your business